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Live at Catamaran Resort and Spa


Proudly providing live music for the Pride of Polynesia.  Check us out at the Summer Luau Series bayside at the Catamaran Resort.  Cocktail Music 6-7pm with a pre-show and main-show. It’s pretty cool jammin with these guys (Clint Helenihi, Joe Letuli and Greg Helenihi). Hit me up for ticket info. SUNSET LUAU at the Catamaran Resort...

Bar of the Year Challenge – August 2016


Will Bali Hai Restaurant win for the Fourth Year in a row? It’s up to you. Be on the  WINNING TEAM and Let’s do it again. This annual event raises $$$$ for a different foundation every year.  This year it’s the Seany Foundation. The fun-raising begins August 2016 at Bali Hai Restaurant.  See you in the lounge....